Truck Sales

All Eye on the Truck Sales Market

All Eye on the Truck Sales Market
As leaders in truck finance, we’re across the sales market for all types of trucks in all types of industries around the country. We keep an eye on how new truck sales are tracking compared with the used truck market and utilise our technology resources and vast industry connections to analyse and evaluate trends.

Having a knowledge of current truck sales and pricing enables our consultants to provide a better lending service to our customers as lenders consider the age, condition and market value of a vehicle when preparing their loan offers. Armed with our level of information, we are better positioned to negotiate on these offers on behalf of our customers.

With the major manufacturer regularly releasing new models, the new truck sales market continues to impress and attract buyers. The used truck market always seems to be strong with good stock in all categories, including quality tilt tray trucks, readily available in all markets.

Browsing the online truck sales sites makes it easy to see what’s on offer across the country from wherever you’re located and when you have the time. If you plan to head to the auctions, speak with us in advance, about securing you pre-approved finance so you’re totally sorted and prepared to capture a great bargain.

To discuss the number one way forward for your next truck purchase, contact us for a no-obligation conversation.